A Note From Our Chief Beekeeper

As a child growing up in Texas, summer days were filled with outdoor adventures - from sunrise to sunset and always with my constant companion and best friend, our family dog. Together, we picked wild berries, chased frogs, fished, and hunted in the woods back behind our house. My parents grew vegetables in our small backyard garden - at the time out of necessity but something my dad continued as a hobby into his eighties.

At some point I decided I had to grow up, and as an adult I have spent the last 30 years on my “day job”, performing surgeries to repair the retinas of prematurely-born babies and advocating for their overall health, both here in the U.S. and internationally.

It's a heavy business with a lot of success and happiness but stress and uncertainty as well. My diversion of choice, just as when I was a kid, has been the natural world and getting outside. Life has come full circle and now I spend most of my time on the family farm, where I get to grow vegetables and keep bees out in the Texas Hill Country, my favorite place in the world. I mostly leave the frogs alone these days.

I started making soap to give away to friends and family. They seemed to like the soap and it seemed worthwhile for Harper's Honey to support my passion for ending preventable childhood blindness by providing funding to, Small World Vision, a nonprofit dedicated to that mission.

We use the best quality ingredients we can find, sourcing each directly from our family farm and other purveyors in Texas when possible. All products are made, cut, labeled and boxed by hand in small batches in Austin.

Thanks for visiting Harper's Honey - I hope our products can bring a little bit of the Hill Country into your home.

-Armie Harper